Happy New Year!!!

So… 2012 is at the door. Our desire is that you enjoy all festivities that you’ve planned today to celebrate the New Year that is coming.

I just want to tell you a quick story….. not knowing the Pantone pick color of the year 2012, my dear husband decided to give me a Nespresso Pixie coffee machine. Now, can you imagine what color I picked? Yes, red-orange tone, in the other words, Tangerine-Tango. Very trendy and funny, isn’t it?
Enjoy your day.

Color of the Year – 2012

In fact, this is the best time to launch this blog post as it was announced this week by the PANTONE Color Institute the color of the year 2012:

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, "There’s the element of encouragement with orange .” There is no doubt that this was a great choice from the Institute. Pantone has turned to be the “spirited reddish-orange” in order to “provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.” Orange signals not only vitality, but also urgency and strength—associations that should resonate during the new year where many are hoping to finally start seeing changes.

The Creator associates agree one hundred percent with the attribution that is giving to “TANGERINE TANGO”. As we all can see, they are ‘printed’ daily in the "big canvas" which is just well above our heads – the sky - twice a day: one at sunrise to bring us hope of a new day and the sunset which reminds us that a new day is about to come forth.

Below is a good example of this wonderful event captured recently in South Florida.

Small Sunset

Stay tuned, because in the next blog we will comment on how the Tangerine - Tango has already begun to influence the segments of fashion, interior and others.


Diana Scates